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Fleet supply & certified installation service

Vehicle Camera Solutions are an essential accessory for any modern fleet, ensuring your business and employees are protected from both potential accidents and costly insurance claims.

Whether it is installing a reversing camera system and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) onto a truck or mounting a dash cam to a commercial vehicle, Handsfree Group can provide the solution your business needs.

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Brakets & Mounts

Our range of forklift truck brackets and mounts have superior hold and vibration reduction, while being designed to be impact resistant and adapt to any situation.

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Cameras & Monitors

Whether you are looking for just the rear view from your forklift truck, or want roll handling, high reach and narrow aisle vision, we have a camera and monitor solution to meet your needs

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Lights & Audible Warnings

Designed especially for the forklift truck markets, we have a wide range of 10-100VDC (20-72AC) & 10-80VDC forklift warning lights, beacons and audible sirens.

Why Handsfree Group…

  • Working with transport, logistics & emergency services clients
  • Fully trained and certified to MECP standards
  • Latest & best market leading vehicle camera & DVR solutions
  • Tailored camera & DVR solutions designed on a case by case basis
  • We work with SME’s and multi-million dollar organizations

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Installation Service

  • Accredited installation service throughout North America
  • Our own team of trained, audited & mentored installation technicians
  • Fully compliant with MECP industry standards
  • Total project management of every step of the installation, in full compliance with industry standards.
  • Our installation technicians install at any location that is convenient to you

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Their professionalism and dogged determination under sometimes harsh conditions has been apparent throughout, with completion of work well within schedule and to very high standard.

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