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“ There is so much technology available now that brings real cost savings to fleet operators.

Not only does Handsfree Group's telematics service and installations increase efficiencies, it also brings added safety and environmental benefits. ”

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Deadline for ELD implementation

Impartial fleet ELD advice & certified installation service

Buying an ELD is a large commitment that has a significant impact on fleet efficiency, compliance & profitability. We have a wealth of experience installing a comprehensive range of the easiest to use & most reliable Electronic Logging Devices for transport, logistics & fleet services clients. Whether it is basic hours of service recorders, accessories, mobile apps or all with custom add-ins, Handsfree Group offers impartial advice & certified installation services to implement the ELD solution your business needs. Fill out the form to contact us now for a free impartial consultation, quote & our FREE ‘ultimate guide to buying an ELD’, in which we walk you through:

  1. Three essential ELD features to help you maximize ROI.
  2. How to guarantee your compliance with the ELD Mandate.
  3. Understanding what system and add-in options are right for your fleet.
  4. The costs can you expect.

FREE ‘Ultimate guide to buying an ELD’

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Project Management

Our project management services help companies make a swift and perfect ELD implementation.
We know, precisely, how to tailor ELD solutions on a case-by-case basis for transport, logistics and emergency service clients.

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Hardware, Cradles & Custom Mounts

We have an extensive range of ELD hardware and accessories. From custom cradles & mounts made by RAM, Zirkona and Gamber Johnson to ELD Telematics hardware, we have a complete range of product to cater for your needs.

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Nationwide Installation Service

Our expert team of installation technicians are all trained to MECP industry standard’s. We only supply, install & implement FULL FMCSA Compliant solutions. We significantly reduce vehicle downtime by installing at any location throughout North America.

9 Big ELD facts:

icon81% of large fleets with more than 250 trucks reported that they had achieved full ELD implementation

 iconOnly 33% of small fleets have fully integrated ELD devices into their vehilces

icon84% of fleets using ELD report a reduction in the HOS and logging violations

iconImproved monitoring

iconBetter utilization of drivers and equipment

iconDriver convenience

iconReduction in operating costs

iconFuel savings

iconDeadline – December 18, 2017

Our fleet solutions

iconBackup cameras

iconMobile DVR’s

iconDriver Fatigue Systems

iconVehicle Event Recorders

iconObstacle Sensors

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Three – Year
Hardware Warranty Available

One – Year
Installation Warranty

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Fleet Volume Discounts available

Save Up to

  • We make every effort to be as competitive as possible.
  • We are able to offer excellent prices due to the fact we supply the hardware and certified installation services.
  • We have discounts available to ensure we are always able to remain competitive to our customers and the best prices possible.

Advanced Replacement
Hassle Free Warranty

Our no quibble hardware warranty ensures that your vehicle downtime is reduced to a minimum should a part become defective.

We will ship replacement parts before our engineer arrives ensuring he can rapidly replace any defective parts and keep you moving.

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Why Handsfree Group…

  • Proven ELD vendor working with transport, logistics & fleet services clients
  • Fully trained and certified to MECP & ELD Mandate industry standards
  • ELD project management and implementation, installing only the latest & best market leading ELD solutions
  • Tailored ELD solutions designed on a case by case basis
  • Working with SME’s and multi-million dollar organizations across North America

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Installation Service

  • Accredited installation service throughout North America
  • Our own network of trained, audited & mentored installation technician
  • Fully compliant with MECP & ELD Mandate industry regulations
  • Total project management for every step of the implementation, installation and full compliance with ELD Mandate industry regulations
  • Our installation technicians install at any location that is convenient to you

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Case study

Their professionalism and dogged determination under sometimes harsh conditions has been apparent throughout, with completion of work well within schedule and to very high standard.

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