Fleet Vehicle Installations

Our dedicated Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP) Handsfree Group vehicle technician team is driven by providing the highest standards of vehicle installation across North America.

Specialist Vehicle Conversions

Vehicle Technician Success

We have an extensive network of fully qualified MECP trained vehicle technicians that are committed to delivering successful installations on time, in full and in accordance to our clients project plans.

Custom Service

Given our years of experience we know, precisely, how to tailor end to end vehicle communication, safety and security solutions for transport, logistics, fleet and emergency service clients.

Cycle of Service

Our experienced install management team help guarantee that our vehicle technicians are able to achieve optimum levels of quality by forming dedicated ‘Cycle of Service’ client project plans.

We ensure that any foreseen challenges are controlled and successful vehicle installations are achieved first time.

Our Focal Point

We identify appropriate project measures with a comprehensive technical vehicle specification report, recommend the solution and, install the equipment to the highest industry standards.

Install is the core of Handsfree Group; it is the basis our business has been built from and has been our focal point since 2004.

Installation Assurance

Our installation and technician management processes ensure customer satisfaction is the priority of everyone within our organization.

  • All installations are measured against predetermined key performance indicators
  • Vehicle Technicians are trained to full Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP) Standards
  • Vehicle Technicians abide by our comprehensive strict ‘Code of Conduct’ whilst working on site
  • All Handsfree Group Staff receive continual training and ongoing personal development
  • Handsfree invest in the latest I.T systems, software and technology
  • Regular technician audits

We are driven by being the best and customer satisfaction is at the center of everything we do.

Quality Assurance

Installation quality inspections are conducted by our experienced technician management team. These are completed alongside our MECP technicians and, if necessary can be implemented to a clients exact specific auditing processes.

Our highly qualified Vehicle Technician Managers will check the whole installation experience, including the Technician’s communication with the host site, while checking that site safety regulations have been adhered to.

Our inspection process includes auditing the placement of equipment, compared to the agreed specification and included a photo of equipment placement. Additionally, they will inspect the installation of all wire routing.

Project Managers

Our clients are supported by a dedicated and qualified Project Manager who would liaise closely with the operational team and all stakeholders to ensure the project objectives are successfully met.

We work closely with client operation teams to create an installation plan and processes that will be followed throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Our project management team are experienced in a broad range of implementation and installation projects, they successfully complete 1000’s of installations every year.

Specification Documents

We can scope and create comprehensive install specification documents for our clients prior to starting any installation work . Our specifications are designed so they are consistent across different vehicle manufacturers.

We indicate actual product locations and install pick up points on all vehicle types within a project and include a full ‘Build of Materials’ (BOM) breakdown.


Our courteous and professional sales team is knowledgeable about the latest vehicle technology solutions that are available. The foundation of our advice is based on fact-finding conversations with our customers.

We have a full range of communication, safety and telematics products available through our comprehensive vehicle tech store. We also have our own proprietary TECh range of market leading vehicle technology products.

Our innovative TECh product range has grown to become a market leader in the transport, logistics, fleet and emergency services sectors. Our TECh product range has expanded and developed into 14 specialist product categories, view our range today .

International case studies

Nestle Findus see increased fleet productivity

Roadsense telematics system improves driver behaviour, saves money and lowers waste.

JCB help improve the way their employees drive

JCB invest in Mobileye, the world’s leading provider of collision warning systems

Putting the freeze on Iceland’s running costs

The system that improves driver safety and reduces accidents.


Experienced Handsfree Group vehicle technicians will install your equipment at any location convenient to you any time, day or night to minimize vehicle downtime.


All Handsfree Group installations comply with the latest industry standards. Vehicle Technicians are regularly trained, audited and mentored to maintain high quality.

Customer Care

A Handsfree Group warranty guarantees a fast response if a fault develops with your product or installation.