The FPS and CV shows in Liverpool and Birmingham are a showcase for the latest tech available to commercial vehicle owners and managers. Both offer a great opportunity to launch new products, and Handsfree Group did just that when we unveiled our latest compact vehicle blackbox DVR (digital video recorder).

The all-in-one TECh vehicle blackbox DVR is designed to capture vital video evidence in the event of a driving incident. When mounted on the front glass windscreen of your vehicle, the camera records both audio and video, storing data on an SD card for up to 5 days at a time. Interior-view cameras are also an option.

“We were proud to launch this great piece of kit at the FPS and CV shows,” says Handsfree Group founder, Matthew Johnson (pictured centre).

“When fleet operators invest in this kind of technology, it saves them a huge amount of hassle when dealing with the sort of incidents that happen naturally in the industry,” he says. “We no longer need to rely on the human perspective of an incident. The exact evidence is captured and stored, so that the whole process is a lot more clear-cut. The technology also supports driver training.”

The camera fully integrates with our Datalive telematics system, so that footage can be reviewed during driver debriefs or incident investigations, alongside other important data from the vehicle. Drivers are further protected by an incident panic button, whilst TECh independently detects any impact to ensure vital evidence is captured and locked in.

To find out more about how our TECh team can help your business, call us for a chat on 0161 864 6440 or email Our team will also be happy to arrange a demonstration of our latest products.

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