The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the transportation industry hard, with much uncertainty still ahead. Yet demand has risen sharply in some sectors. Companies servicing a surge in online deliveries, for example, have been forced to rapidly increase fleet size, manpower and logistics to keep up.

When it comes to ramping up services on such a wide scale, efficiency is critical. Fleet vehicles must operate at optimum safety and security, while logistics must be responsive to the fast-changing transport environment. During lockdown, many firms relied on suppliers to stay in the game, and Handsfree Group – a fleet installation company, who work across the US, UK and Ireland – stepped up to the plate.

“During these challenging times, our team remained keenly focused on customer satisfaction, going to exceptional lengths to accommodate an unprecedented surge in service requests. Those companies deemed “essential” were given priority scheduling to keep our supply chain moving effectively while ensuring the safety of our technicians who kept us highly operational.” said Robyn LeGrand, President of US Operations.

Handsfree Group have been in the fleet installation business since 2004, so were well-equipped to help businesses deal with the crisis. At a time when communication, safety and security are a top priority, there are significant advantages to installing much of the equipment that Handsfree Group provides.

Telematics systems, for example, help companies improve communications by tracking vehicles and keeping driver, HQ and the customer fully informed. The technology crunches live data to optimize operations, adapt to unforeseen circumstances, and make the most of a commodity vital to every industry: time.

Safety is equally as essential. When you’re relying heavily on your fleet, the last thing you need is time out dealing with accidents, repairs, or even worse, injured drivers. That’s why solutions such as CCTV, sensors, and quality cabling help to substantially decrease the chances of an accident. It also keeps insurance premiums down to affordable levels; a major benefit, particularly when you run a large fleet.

Protecting your fleet from criminals is another important consideration. A 60% increase in vehicle thefts over the last 3 years has added urgency to improving fleet security with Handsfree Group’s TECh equipment such as alarms, guards and locking devices.

Many other public and private organizations benefit from being able to maintain an efficient fleet during this period. For instance, Handsfree Group is helping the Emergency Services Network (ESN) improve communication, safety and security so they can continue to respond quickly and efficiently within the new, challenging environment.

Now that lockdown is easing, you would think that demand would have reached a plateau. But requests for fleet installations continue to roll in. “Companies are realizing the importance of safety, communication, and security more than ever and we’re here to provide the complete solution” says Robyn.

“We are very proud of the part we have played, and continue to play, in keeping the country moving during this pandemic,” says Handsfree Group’s managing director Matthew Johnson. “We’re determined to carry on offering a quality service, undiluted by the rate of demand we experience, so we can continue to serve our customers big and small.”

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