It’s no surprise that the Panasonic FZ-N1 4G LTE Toughpad is a popular choice for many logistics and delivery companies.

Its compact rugged design, excellent 4.7-inch screen, integrated barcode reader, removable battery and availability for both Android and Windows, help workers in many different vertical markets to get their jobs done.

Custom cradle design

There is nothing worse than a toughpad running out of power in the field, or worse still becoming damaged as a result of not being securely docked when your team are on the move in vehicle.

The TECh CRD-FZN1-CRADLE from Handsfree Group is a rugged vehicle cradle specifically designed for the FZ-N1 Toughpad, incorporating fixed charging.

Compact and lightweight, the TECh cradle has been designed for complete ease of use, allowing a single-handed dock and release operation. CRD-FZN1-CRADLE is also able to accommodate a wide range of FZ-N1 device configurations such as extended batteries and hand straps. Constructed from ABS plastics and grade A steel, every cradle is handmade from the most robust and hardwearing materials available.

Vehicle installation

The TECh FZ-N1 cradle has a modular design that means a wide range of TECh mounting solutions are available, which provide endless opportunities for in-vehicle mounting locations. These can be either temporary self-fit removable solutions or permanent specialist installations.

The FZ-N1 TECh cradle has a  LED Power Indicator, so the driver is assured their device is charging, an internal voltage clamp prevents over-voltage to the device and an internal voltage regulator ensures consistent output voltages are maintained.

Each of the TECh FZ-N1 cradle mounting screws fasten into a precision brass bolt, which is fixed during injection moulding for maximum strength. The six locating bolts mount to the supplied backplate which then attaches securely to a steel chassis for a rigid and accurate fit.

Safe and secure

A locating ’pin’ ensures the device cannot be inserted incorrectly and multiple security bolts provide added strength. An internal auto-reset switch prevents any risk of a short-circuit across pins and the tamper-proof screws, with anti-vibrate and shake-proof washers, ensure the device remains secure when the vehicle is in motion.

Whether you need a temporary removable solution that drivers can install themselves or a fully assisted specialized installation from our team of expert install technicians, we are ready and able to help you.

Contact us for more information or go to our TECh store and find out more about the FZ-N1

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