Handsfree Group To Install ContiPressureCheck™ Tire Monitoring System With Continental

Ensuring Driver Safety

Continental is committed to delivering the Lowest Overall Driving Cost for fleets while prioritizing the safety of their drivers. Continental’s performance-leading commercial vehicle tires and tire monitoring solutions help fleets become safer, more efficient and more connected.

Handsfree Group also shares the same values as Continental, viewing driver safety with the utmost importance. Handsfree Group always listens and acts accordingly to their customers’ needs. Their highly experienced staff and MECP-approved installers work hard to supply and install the best vehicle technology, ensuring optimum fleet safety.

With these two safety-aware companies having such similarities, it is no surprise they have come together to help with their shared goal of securing vehicle safety for all.

New Partnerships & MECP Approval

Both Continental and Handsfree Group are incredibly excited about their new collaboration and what this could mean for the transport industry.

Handsfree Group is the first certified installer appointed by Continental to fit their new ContiPressureCheck™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System into commercial vehicles and fleets.

All Handsfree Group installers have attained MECP certification, to give their customers the confidence that all work is completed by professionals who uphold the top industry standards.

The MECP program certifies technicians on the installation techniques, recommended practices and important functionality of automotive information technology, entertainment, navigation, safety and security systems.

This ensures all Handsfree Group installers are able to provide the optimum quality standards required in the professional installations ofContiPressureCheck™.

40% Of Incidents Due To Underinflated Tires

An under-inflated tire can cause serious issues. It can highly impact vehicle running costs through increased fuel consumption, costs of breakdowns and reduction in tread life. It also increases driver safety issues, such as poor vehicle handling, increased stopping distances and enhances many other risks for accidents.

Poor driving safety is directly linked to the condition of the tires. In fact, approximately 40% of all sudden tire breakdowns are due to underinflated tires. If your commercial vehicle tires are underinflated by 10 psi, it will reduce fuel economy by 1% and release a correspondingly higher amount of carbon dioxide emissions. This can be alleviated by installing and using ContiPressureCheck™.

Continental’s innovative system can lower carbon dioxide emissions, reduce fuel consumption and help eliminate this frequent cause of accidents by swiftly alerting the driver on any tire underinflation or high temperature issues that occur.

ContiPressureCheck Tire Monitoring System

ContiPressureCheck™ tire monitoring visualizes underinflation and can be customised to your precise needs. The system offers In Cab Features, Additional Receivers, Telematic Options, Back Office Support and Hand Held Tools for an easy to use experience.

An intelligent tire means an intelligent fleet. The system provides vehicles with a Continental driver’s display, which provides a bird’s eye view and also integrates with various third party Telematics System.

The system has been successfully installed into numerous vehicles, including trucks, vans, city buses, specialty vehicles and off road/construction trucks.

Improve Fleet Safety

You can enjoy the best tire and vehicle safety today. Handsfree Group is successfully installing Continental’s ContiPressureCheck™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System nationwide across North America. They offer excellent personalized services whether you are looking for single or fleet installations.

Contact Handsfree Group today and make a step towards ultimate driver and tire safety.

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