Handsfree Group Install Exceptional Camera System

With St Louis County employees driving to multiple locations on a daily basis, often during busy times and on busy roads, they are fully committed to the importance of safety for their drivers and the general public.

St Louis County drivers experience daily challenges with their vehicles backing up and maneuvering in hazardous blind spots, this has resulted in them wanting to invest in necessary precautions to mitigate risk.

Handsfree Group US supported their safety advancement, with the supply and installation of an exceptional camera system across the St Louis County’s fleet of maintenance vehicles which consist of small to medium size pickup trucks.

Exceptional Safety

Handsfree Group installed 30 TECh license plate camera systems to St Louis County’s maintenance vehicles.

The vehicles are now equipped with a 4” mirror monitor. The monitor consists of  2 AV Inputs and a screen ratio of 16:19 with a built-in speaker. The monitor gives drivers a comprehensive viewing angle ranging between 60-75 degrees, meaning their small to mid-size trucks are able to easily access the challenging areas their drivers have to negotiate daily.

Handsfree Group’s installation has enabled St Louis County to improve the way their employees drive. Their new camera system installation will alert drivers of potential collisions and provide total visibility, which exceeds industry transport standards.

Decreasing Accident Rates

Since Handsfree Group completed the successful installation there has been a significant reduction in the number of accidents, saving St Louis County money and time. The Handsfree Group TECh camera solution further benefits St Louis County by enabling their drivers to safely maintain the outstanding levels of service they strive to uphold.

Making A Difference

St Louis County have always made every effort to ensure their driver’s attentiveness on the road.

However, with the new TECh Licence Plate Camera solution in place, they have much more ‘peace of mind’ with an ever-vigilant third eye helping their drivers navigate their routes between multiple locations safely.

Handsfree had competitive pricing and the quality products we were looking for.  The Installation was efficient and seamless and they worked around us and didn’t interrupt our daily schedule.  Handsfree was very responsive.

Ron Feltmann, St. Louis County Equipment Manager