Keeping your fleet on the road is fraught with all sorts of potential problems. Errors in paperwork, traffic jams and unreliable data can all have a knock-on effect that hampers your ability to deliver a quality service.

The skeye.dart, from Hoeft & Wessel, is a robust PDA that features wireless communications with GPRS, GPS and phone functionality, and can be easily fitted into any fleet installation.

In order to improve communications, Handsfree carried out a fleet installation of the skeye.dart for national haulage firm Abbey Logistics across its fleet of over 200 vehicles.

With such a large and varied fleet, the amount of paperwork, coupled with the erratic nature of British highways, can naturally cause a few headaches. Installing the skye.dart, however, proved to be a real benefit.

Hitting the spot

“The skeye.dart allows us to operate our fleet more efficiently,” says Abbey Logistics managing director, Steve Granite. “For example, we can track the status of each load, have up-to-date information on the route and reschedule deliveries through customer services if necessary. It reduces the amount of human involvement, so there’s less chance of human error. Now we have improved up-to-the-minute statistics on each delivery.”

Handsfree installed the skeye.dart across the Abbey fleet with a lightweight, low-cost mounting device that uses minimum space in the cab area. Importantly, a constant charge from the cradle keeps the skye.dart functioning throughout the day.

The mounting system is robust and safe, and placed in an area that is convenient for the driver without being a distraction.