Fleet Vehicle Technology

From market leading in-vehicle technology to accredited installation services, Handsfree Group keep your fleet safe, secure and eco-efficient.


We have worked with transport, logistics, fleet and emergency service clients since 2004, helping them improve the way their employees drive, communicate and promote safety.
Our Alert and Install divisions are groundbreaking innovators in the design, development, manufacturing and supply of vehicle technology solutions.


Through our own network of MECP (Mobile Electronics Certified Professional)  qualified professional engineers we provide an award winning installation service across North America.


Our company is built on over 100 employees and their ambition, integrity and the best work ethics. Every member of our expert team is driven and plays a key part in developing our business and delivering success for our customers.


Our legacy is impressive serving cutting edge SME’s, as well as multi-million dollar global organizations that need the best in vehicle technology and installation.

Whether you have a small or large fleet, Handsfree Group can connect you and your vehicles to world class technology, while significantly reducing vehicle running costs.

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