Driven Technology

We are an expert team that supplies and installs the latest market leading vehicle technology innovations, through our USA and UK operations.

Given this experience, we know, precisely, how to tailor vehicle communication, safety, and security solutions on a case-by-case basis.

Vehicle Technology

We help transport, logistics, fleet and emergency service clients improve the way their employees drive, communicate and promote safety, while significantly reducing their vehicle running costs.

We have experience providing products and installations into cutting edge SME’s, as well as multi-million dollar global organizations that are looking for the best in vehicle technology and installation.

Latest Blog

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With the peak holiday season around the corner, the leading US courier giants will need extra drivers and short-term rental vehicles to ensure they deliver the massive quantities of packages a day. Handsfree Group is ready with a comprehensive range of essential equipment and technology to help support safe and efficient peak on-time deliveries.

FleetGuardian® – Prevent Distracted Driving

Continental is committed to delivering the Lowest Overall Driving Cost for fleets while prioritizing the safety of their drivers.