Customized Vehicle Technology Solutions

Given our experience, we know precisely how to tailor vehicle communication, safety and security solutions on a case-by-case basis.

Our Services

Our Services

Handsfree Group engineers operate across North America and are experts in specialist vehicle communication, safety systems, and security. We are extremely proud to work in partnership with most of the leading fleet operators in the industry.

Full Service

We aim to exceed the installation needs of our customers, offering complete turnkey planning, project management, customer support, engineering, and vehicle integration expertise. We are driven by being the best in everything we do.

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Side Detection

The side detection system is an ultrasonic sensor system designed to warn and assist drivers of their vehicle’s position in relation to cyclists and pedestrians, and to warn them of the vehicle’s intention to turn right.

Today, driver awareness has become a must, especially when you consider the physical constraints on US highways and the increase in cyclists and pedestrians sharing our roads.

Installing a side detection systems helps reduce accidents, downtime and vehicle damage. It also saves you money on costly insurance premiums and third party claims.

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Right Turn Alarm

When the right hand indicator is switched on the in cab, speaker says “CHECK MIRROR” (only once, each time the indicator is pressed).

All external speakers say “WARNING! THIS VEHICLE IS TURNING RIGHT”. If the hazard lights are on, it overrides the Right Turn message (i.e. it is muted)

All speakers are fully waterproof to IP68 standards, and are on quick change connectors for easy maintenance

The speaker messages are played at around 98db and the system can be supplied with a night silent facility Messages can be customized as required (i.e. different language,‘this vehicle is turning left’ etc.)

side alarm

Side Camera

Most cyclist fatalities happen at low speeds, typically at road junctions and when moving off from a stationary position.

A flush mount side view camera, triggered by the indicator solves this problem by giving a clear view of the vehicles blind spot, where vulnerable cyclists and pedestrians are often hidden from the driver’s view.

For more information on side cameras and safety camera solutionsclick here

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360° CCTV

Wider angles of view and multiple images

Camera monitor systems have brought driver vision into the twenty first century offering wider angles of view and multiple images on a single monitor.

They can help eliminate blind spots to prevent costly vehicle damage and ultimately save lives.