SmartWitness – Video Telematics

It goes without saying that vehicles come a close second to property in being the most expensive purchases an individual or business will make, so we should invest in protecting them.  Protection of our vehicles, and ourselves, is becoming increasingly necessary although largely ignored, until recently.


The SmartWitness Solution

SmartWitness were the pioneers in creating the first commercial grade dash camera and are now recognized by Industry authorities as being the “partner of strength” in the field of in-vehicle CCTV and digital recording. SmartWitness have been providing in-vehicle cameras to fleet operators and private individuals since 2007. Today, SmartWitness are responsible for the protection of over 250,000 vehicles around the world covering in excess of 35 million miles every day.


Competitive Benefits

With products available for all types of vehicles, ranging from trucks, school buses and cars, the installation of a SmartWitness system offers Fleet Managers:

  • Proven Reduction of Accident Frequency
  • Proven Reduction to Loss Ratios
  • Improved Driving Behavior, Increased Fuel Economy
  • Defend Against Driving Offense Allegations
  • Mitigation of Whiplash/Personal Injury Claims
  • Added Security & Theft Deterrent
  • Increased Speed of Claim Resolution
  • Possible Reduction in Insurance Premiums

Award Winning

SmartWitness is a world leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of in-vehicle cameras, recorders, and software, and here are a few reasons why:

  • HD Evidence Captured – High-Definition cameras capture crystal clear images of the interior & exterior the vehicle.
  • GPS Location Recorded – Built-in GPS provides vehicle location, driving route, vehicle speed, & heading information.
  • Network Connected – Cellular connectivity provides real-time images, live location, and on-demand HD video upload.
  • Event & Driver Analysis – Detailed telemetry data enables accurate scoring for driver coaching purposes and reducing claims.


Business, Fleet and Driver Protection

SmartWitness keeps an eye and ear on valuable assets – the driver, the vehicle and the cargo.  It does this whilst also recording crucial evidence from any road events. SmartWitness benefits all parties involved in road accidents – Drivers, Insurers and Employers.

SmartWitness doesn’t just rely on design and software to produce accurate results, technology is sourced from industry leaders such as Bosch and Sony.

SmartWitness systems are designed to be automated and tamper-resistant. Recorded data is protected by the vehicle integration technology & securely locked hardware and therefore maintains integrity and is at low risk of theft or manipulation.



“The SmartWitness camera has been nothing short of outstanding for our business. We finally have a reliable and affordable camera system, in our fleet of almost 100 vehicles, that we use regularly for quality control purposes. I am also very impressed with the variety of options available in these systems. From their sales team, to the finished product and customer support, every aspect of this company has been outstanding and a pleasure to work with.”

 Joseph Manganelli,
Advantage Transit Group


If you would like further information on this product or would like to arrange a demonstration, please contact us.

Handsfree Group offer safety solution for transporters of Moffetts

Maneuvering with Moffetts Onboard

If you’re a driver of a truck transporting a Moffett (truck-mounted forklift), you will already know the daily struggles – the main one being you need to reverse park your truck and then off-load your Moffett, safely… It’s challenging to see behind you from the driver’s cab, so how do you know if there is enough space?

The Moffett invention in the mid 1980’s was revolutionary and where would the distribution industry be without it?  30+ years later, vehicle technology has advanced massively and Handsfree Group are pleased to say there is a range of technology solutions available, that help in maneuvering and reversing with Moffetts onboard.


The Challenges

Safety is paramount in the world of distribution, transporting a Moffett safely requires great skill and concentration and can sometimes be extremely challenging.

Rear and side visibility are essential when maneuvering a truck and even more so when the truck is transporting a Moffett. Drivers face handling blind spots when doing so, hampering the operation of parking the truck whilst also leaving enough space to offload the Moffett safely.  

Without any technology to assist with this operation, the driver can waste valuable time by having to exit the truck cab to check the surroundings and then having to get back in the cab to finish their maneuver – and sometimes this can be necessary more than once.


The Solution

Handsfree Group’s award winning engineer team, which offers nationwide MECP compliant installation coverage across North America, are able to supply and fit a dedicated backup camera system to the Moffett itself, to reduce the challenge of blind spots to the rear of the truck. A system extension option of side cameras can be integrated into the same cab mounted monitor, for further improved visibility.  

The system includes a weatherproof quick disconnect allowing the driver to quickly and efficiently connect and disconnect the camera mounted on the Moffett to the monitor in the cab of the truck.  

By having this system installed, risk of accident and/or injury is mitigated immensely for the driver, the vehicle and any pedestrians within close proximity to the truck.


Contact Handsfree Group today and start the journey to improved Moffett transportation safety.


We’ll leave you with a little bit of Moffett History…

Moffett Engineering Limited started business in the 1940’s by developing products for the local agricultural market and in the mid 1980’s they created a revolution in the transport industry with the invention of the truck-mounted forklift, a three wheel drive machine that can be carried on almost any truck or trailer without the loss of load space, achieving significantly faster and more cost effective deliveries than ever.

The company became part of Cargotec in 2000 and today the truck-mounted forklifts are branded as Hiab Moffett and are the global market leader.

blank-it …Safety in Motion

Providing mobile workforces with access to technologies such as GPS and wireless broadband delivers ‘real-time’ efficiency and can give an edge over competitors.  Therefore, the installation of computers in vehicles is becoming increasingly common, however, this also brings responsibilities and challenges that must be addressed to satisfy legal requirements and to protect a business and its employees.

The Blank-it Solution

Blank-it provides an easy, safe and legally compliant way of managing in-vehicle computer displays and helps to reduce ‘driver distraction’ by acting as a “sentry”, preventing screen access when appropriate.

Designed to meet today’s strict regulations for computer installations in vehicles, Blank-it is the best solution for in-vehicle display management for a fleet of any size.

Blank-it helps to ensure vehicles comply with the ever-increasing levels of ‘driver distraction’ legislation and assists in improving employee health and safety.

Motion Sensor Technology

Once Blank-it is installed and activated, it will lock the screen display, preventing or restricting use of the computer whilst the vehicle is in motion. For ‘warehouse’ type situations (e.g. Forklift trucks) Blank-it’s cable solution is ideal. For use on the road, the unique Motion Sensor technology is perfect as it offers a more accurate, reliable and independent method of monitoring vehicle movement.

Competitive differentiators

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Award winning Road Safety solution (Winners of the “2014 Australian Road Safety Innovation Award”)
  • Nominated apps
  • Passenger viewing option
  • Voice command option
  • Keyboard and mouse disabler
  • Privacy screen (Police requirement)
  • Temporary override (Police requirement)
  • Roll-over detection and notification
  • GPS failsafe and override (tamper-proof)
  • Not solely reliant on GPS signals
  • Does not affect the vehicle warranty


Blank-it leads the world in ‘Display Management’ and here are a few reasons why:

Unique Technology:

  • Blank-it uses unique (patent pending) Motion Sensor technology to provide reliability, flexibility and portability in monitoring vehicle movement.

Access to ‘nominated’ programs:

  • Blank-it allows a configurable list of programs to be accessible (such as navigation aids, reversing camera displays or dispatch / scheduling systems).


  • Blank-it is easily installed without requiring vehicle modifications and happily accommodates laptop mounting systems and ‘swing-away’ brackets.

Business, Fleet and Driver Protection

Blank-it enables the driver to create a list of ‘allowable’ programs whilst immobilising all other computer options when the vehicle is in motion.

By limiting the functionality of computers whilst the vehicle is moving, Blank-it helps reduce visual distractions, improving driver safety and potentially reducing costs associated with accidents.

The Blank-it distracted driver solution can help prepare a fleet for existing and future regulations relating to use of display equipment within commercial vehicles, and at the same time help to improve driver safety.

Blank-it is an easy to install, vehicle independent, self-contained and flexible solution to the problems associated with in-vehicle computer use and will help address distracted driver legislation.
If you would like further information on this product or would like to arrange a demonstration, please contact us.

ContiPressureCheck™ Tire Monitoring System

Handsfree Group To Install ContiPressureCheck™ Tire Monitoring System With Continental

Ensuring Driver Safety

Continental is committed to delivering the Lowest Overall Driving Cost for fleets while prioritizing the safety of their drivers. Continental’s performance-leading commercial vehicle tires and tire monitoring solutions help fleets become safer, more efficient and more connected.

Handsfree Group also shares the same values as Continental, viewing driver safety with the utmost importance. Handsfree Group always listens and acts accordingly to their customers’ needs. Their highly experienced staff and MECP-approved installers work hard to supply and install the best vehicle technology, ensuring optimum fleet safety.

With these two safety-aware companies having such similarities, it is no surprise they have come together to help with their shared goal of securing vehicle safety for all.

New Partnerships & MECP Approval

Both Continental and Handsfree Group are incredibly excited about their new collaboration and what this could mean for the transport industry.

Handsfree Group is the first certified installer appointed by Continental to fit their new ContiPressureCheck™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System into commercial vehicles and fleets.

All Handsfree Group installers have attained MECP certification, to give their customers the confidence that all work is completed by professionals who uphold the top industry standards.

The MECP program certifies technicians on the installation techniques, recommended practices and important functionality of automotive information technology, entertainment, navigation, safety and security systems.

This ensures all Handsfree Group installers are able to provide the optimum quality standards required in the professional installations ofContiPressureCheck™.

40% Of Incidents Due To Underinflated Tires

An under-inflated tire can cause serious issues. It can highly impact vehicle running costs through increased fuel consumption, costs of breakdowns and reduction in tread life. It also increases driver safety issues, such as poor vehicle handling, increased stopping distances and enhances many other risks for accidents.

Poor driving safety is directly linked to the condition of the tires. In fact, approximately 40% of all sudden tire breakdowns are due to underinflated tires. If your commercial vehicle tires are underinflated by 10 psi, it will reduce fuel economy by 1% and release a correspondingly higher amount of carbon dioxide emissions. This can be alleviated by installing and using ContiPressureCheck™.

Continental’s innovative system can lower carbon dioxide emissions, reduce fuel consumption and help eliminate this frequent cause of accidents by swiftly alerting the driver on any tire underinflation or high temperature issues that occur.

ContiPressureCheck Tire Monitoring System

ContiPressureCheck™ tire monitoring visualizes underinflation and can be customised to your precise needs. The system offers In Cab Features, Additional Receivers, Telematic Options, Back Office Support and Hand Held Tools for an easy to use experience.

An intelligent tire means an intelligent fleet. The system provides vehicles with a Continental driver’s display, which provides a bird’s eye view and also integrates with various third party Telematics System.

The system has been successfully installed into numerous vehicles, including trucks, vans, city buses, specialty vehicles and off road/construction trucks.

Improve Fleet Safety

You can enjoy the best tire and vehicle safety today. Handsfree Group is successfully installing Continental’s ContiPressureCheck™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System nationwide across North America. They offer excellent personalized services whether you are looking for single or fleet installations.

Contact Handsfree Group today and make a step towards ultimate driver and tire safety.

Handsfree Group Open New U.S Office

Missouri Expansion


Due to continued growth and commitment to serve customers within the transport, logistics and fleet service sectors, Handsfree Group are proud to announce they have moved their U.S operation and team into new offices in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Over the last few years Handsfree Group has successfully delivered an excellent experience to clients by providing products and installations into cutting edge SME’s and multi-million pound global organisations that are looking for the best in vehicle technology and installation.

Handsfree Group will continue to evolve and search for future projects, while maintaining their assured service, the new move will only benefit their progression further.


Opening the new Missouri office will allow Handsfree Group to provide exceptional coverage to clients nationwide, and will strengthen current and future projects across North America.

The new move enables Handsfree Group to fully enhance their U.S presence which will build upon strategic plans for continued growth. The extra space, systems and equipment will enable the team to exceed potential, and maintain their strong reputation in the Automotive sector.


“We were fortunate to find such a nice and well-served space. Our new state of the art office provides the perfect environment to continue helping clients improve the way their employees drive, communicate and promote safety. We really wanted to limit the impact that relocation could have on our clients and our employees. Our new location and enhanced operational efficiencies will help us continue to grow and develop to keep pace with our clients’ needs, allowing us to provide exceptional value and superior service along the way,” said Paul Sarris, Sales and Marketing Director of Handsfree Group.


Handsfree Group

18173 Edison Avenue

Suite A


MO 63005

New ELD Legislation

Handsfree Group Release The Ultimate Guide To ELD

Understanding Electronic Logging Devices

An Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is a device which is linked with the vehicle’s engine in order to automatically record important data such as driving time, in order to automate Hours of Service (HOS) recording and reporting. In many ways, an ELD can be what you think of as a basic GPS tracking device.

The use of an on-board ELD brings accuracy, reliability, and consistency to a task once rife with errors and complications. The new ELD legislation brings a much clearer definition on the format for tracking and logging.

Final Rule Legislation

If you have a fleet-based business you will need to comply with ELD law, including the newly introduced Final Rule. The Final Rule is mandated from December 18, 2017 and will be implemented over 4 years, meaning fleet-based businesses need critical insight when purchasing ELD systems.

The Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) introduced this Final Rule with an aim to improve US traffic safety through the use of available technology. The Rule specifically aims to improve both truck and bus drivers’ compliance with the HOS regulations which are in force to prevent fatigue-based driving errors, incidents and accidents.

The Electronic Logging Device Rule is designed to bring about a safer work environment for truck and bus drivers, as well as other road users. It is also created to allow faster and more accurate tracking, as well as sharing Records of Duty Status (RODS) data. The changes to the law apply to the majority of carriers and drivers who are currently expected to maintain RODS.

Best ELDs For Your Business

There are two primary distinctions when it comes to selecting your ELD system: Traditional On Board Computers; and Mobile On Board Computers. Handsfree Group provide an ultimate guide to purchasing the best ELD for your business.

The expert team at Handsfree Group can provide your business with market leading Electronic Logging Device advice and installation. Their fully trained team can tailor ELD solutions designing on a case by case basis, while adhering to to MECP & ELD Mandate industry standards. Handsfree Group provide project management services for the implementation of ELD and have an extensive range of ELD accessories and custom cradles / mounts made by RAM, Zirkona and Gamber Johnson.

Handsfree Group Make It Easier

Handsfree Group have experience working with SME’s and multi-million dollar organizations across North America, advising and identifying the right solutions and installing ELD systems. They have impartial fleet advice and a fully certified installation service.

Their wealth of experience from installing a comprehensive range of the easiest to use and most reliable Electronic Logging Devices for transport, logistics & fleet services clients mean their project management services help companies make a swift and perfect ELD implementation. They know, precisely, how to tailor ELD solutions on a case-by-case basis for transport, logistics and fleet service clients.

Handsfree Group’s Ultimate Guide To ELD

If you are interested in reading Handsfree Group’s ultimate guide to ELD you can access it by clicking here.

Peak Hire Vehicles Require Temporary Charging Cradles

Handsfree Group supply D.I.Y fit portable charging cradles and mounting plates to cover peak delivery season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Yes, you’ve got it, Christmas.  It is also one of the busiest times of the year for one of Handsfree Group’s most prestigious and valued customers. Being one of the UK’s leading delivery companies, Christmas is their peak season.  In order to meet customer demand, they employ thousands of peak delivery drivers UK wide, hire vehicles for each of those drivers and provide essential equipment to enable the drivers to make the deliveries efficiently, successfully and most importantly, in time for Christmas.  

Handheld PDA

The essential equipment is, of course, the handheld PDA.  Then the question arises – how to keep those PDA’s charged and secure without installing a permanent cradle?  

Therefore, due to the vehicles being on hire, the need for 1500+ temporary charging cradles arose. The main requirement was that the cradles could be easily installed by the customer.  

The TECh

Handsfree Group’s solution was the TECh CN70 Charging Cradle and Zirkona windscreen suction mount.  

TECh CN70 Charging Cradle

A durable charging and securing solution for the drivers’ handheld PDA’s – the most important tool of the job. The CN70 charging cradle, designed and manufactured by TECh, was the ideal choice.  

The CN70 cradle boasts LED Power Indicator, so the driver is assured their PDA is charging, an internal voltage clamp which prevents over-voltage to the device and an internal voltage regulator which ensures consistent output voltages.

Each CN70 mounting screw fastens into a precision brass bolt and is fixed during injection moulding for maximum strength. The six locating bolts mount to the supplied backplate which then attaches securely to a steel chassis for a rigid and accurate fit.

A locating ’pin’ ensures the device cannot be inserted incorrectly and multiple security bolts provide added strength. The CN70 internal auto-reset switch prevents any risk of a short-circuit across pins and the tamper-proof screws, with anti-vibrate and shake-proof washers, ensure the device remains secure when the vehicle is in motion.

Zirkona Windscreen Suction Mount with Diamond Mounting Plate

Fulfilling the main requirement of a self-fit cradle, the Diamond Mounting Plate is simply fitted to the vehicle using a suction cup which attaches to the vehicle’s windscreen.

The CN70 charging cradle is securely fixed to the Diamond Mounting bracket using the backplate supplied with the cradle.

To discuss these products or any other requirements please contact us and speak to our expert team.

Handsfree Group extensively upgrade vehicles for one of their valued customers

One Stop Shop

A valued and prestigious customer of Handsfree Group took delivery of 100 brand new Mercedes Sprinter vans, all on the same day, and they looked no further than the Handsfree Group’s Install Division when deciding how to kit them out with the necessary technology to run their new fleet.  

The install requirements were extensive, as they needed to ensure their fleet was efficient and safe so it made perfect sense for the Handsfree Group’s TECh team to supply the technology and the Install Hub to undertake the work.

Install Hub

Handsfree Group’s Install Division comprises of FITAS Accredited Engineers, Sales, Projects, Parts, Logistics and Customer Services staff, all working together to provide the best possible service.

Install Hub is Handsfree Groups 10,000ft² specialist vehicle conversion workshop in York, which enables quality offsite installations and full vehicle conversion fit outs for their clients.

Handsfree Groups dynamic Install division were able to complete the installations on all 100 Mercedes Sprinter vans, through Install Hub in record time.

TECh Technology

Each of the 100 vehicles were fitted with the following:

Electronic Cargo Lock

Ensuring the safety of the freight, the Electronic Cargo Lock eliminates the risk of freight theft by electronically deadlocking the doors upon closing which can only then be opened using an electronic key.  The electronic key is a quick and convenient way for the driver to access the vehicle.

TECh PT5 Cab phone

The PT5 is fixed to and powered by the vehicle which eliminates the need to use a mobile phone whilst driving and will never suffer that inconvenient flat battery, get lost, damaged due to being dropped, or left behind.  It also gives peace of mind to the driver by having safe access to emergency services at their fingertips.

Reverse Bleep

A white sound reversing bleeper is a must to the customer, ensuring the safety of the public by alerting them to the vehicle slow-speed movement.

Doppler Radar Reversing Sensor

This was the best option due to the stealthy installation and lack of physical sensors, eliminating the risk of damage to a traditional sensor while loading and unloading the van and from excessive jet washing, keeping the fleet gleaming with pride.  

Reverse Brake Light Camera System

Using a brake light mounted camera gives a more factory fitted appearance and mounts the camera up high, giving the optimal view to the rear of the vehicle which not only protects the rear of the vehicle and objects in the biggest blind spot of a van/commercial vehicle, but also provides the perfect view for reversing into a busy loading bay.

TECh CN70 Charging Cradle

The customer also required a solution for their drivers’ handheld PDA’s – the most important tool of the job, containing all the information for the day ahead. The biggest issue with a portable device is battery life so a dash fitted docking station is the best way to keep the device charged and secure whilst the vehicle is in motion.  The installation of the cradle also reduced unnecessary and unsightly cables and chargers all over the dash and cab whilst also keeping it in reach of the driver. Having it dash mounted also removes the need to have another device stuck to the windscreen, therefore improving the driver’s view and keeping driver and public safety as the first priority.

If this sounds like the type of install your business needs then why not contact Handsfree Group now to discuss your requirements?

30 Telematic Systems Into Specialist Vehicles

Handsfree Group Install Premium Telematic Into Winter Services Vehicles


Handsfree Group UK embodies the importance of vehicle safety, precaution and awareness. They also strive for exceptional efficiency and quality care for both customers and the Handsfree Group team.

Every member of their team has a part to play in ensuring the best in vehicle technology installations nationwide. They also raise awareness on the importance of having the fleet best safety precautions when on the road, for drivers and public safety.

Their latest exceptional vehicle installation involved specialist vehicles. Handsfree Group have a vast experience on specialist vehicle technology installations, whether a single specialised installation is required or to a fleet of vehicles.


Handsfree Group were asked to provide their award winning installation services for a premium telematic system into 30 specialist winter gritting service vehicles.

Gritters are specialist vehicles such as gritting lorries, salt spreaders and salt trucks. With similar components to other specialist vehicles, such as snowplows, they are vital in ensuring safety in harsh winter conditions.

Handsfree Group were able to provide a fully bespoke vehicle installation service into all 30 of the specialised vehicles. Their FITAS certified engineers were able to professionally and efficiently install the telematics technology, ensuring best practice can be achieved in the upcoming winter conditions.


Handsfree Group are proud of their FITAS certification across all of their engineers. The quality assured accreditation reflects the high professional standards in which all their engineers uphold.

The quality certification highlights the excellence within Handsfree Group’s specialised team and outstanding installations at their state of the art workshop facilities provides.

Their workshop facilities, Installhub, located in the North of England are used for many of their professional installations whether for a single vehicle or a large fleet. The highly skilled Handsfree Group Install team also provide assured ‘off site’ options for all customers too.


The latest 30 installs into these specialised gritter vehicles equals improved safety and advanced awareness for all involved. Vehicle Telematics is a easy way to ensure maximum safety and efficiency for one vehicle or your entire fleet.

Vehicle Telematics is a way of monitoring the location, movements, status and driving behaviour of one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles. It is a superior method of monitoring a vehicle by combining a GPS system and on-board diagnostics. You are able to record and map the location, speed and journey of a vehicle and cross reference how the vehicle’s driver is behaving.

With this data you can mitigate risk, increase road safety and road transportation efficiency dramatically. Fleet Managers can clearly understand the behaviour of their fleet and this can significantly improve road safety fast.

If you would like to find out more, please click here and start you telematics journey today.